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Balloon Celebrations is the regions most accomplished balloon drop experts. We have  succesfully created balloon drops for Atlantic City casinos, Philadelphia hotels, rock concerts and political events. When the area's event planners need the best they call Balloon Celebrations.

                   Balloon drop for Tropican Casino in Atlantic City

Balloon drop Pricing

1,000 balloons inflated and housed in drop net 50ft long    $1,650.00  
500 balloons inflated and housed in drop net 25ft long           $975.00
250 balloons inflated and housed in nets 25ft long                   $487.50

100 balloons inflated and housed in net and delivered to your front door.

We call this the drop and go. Saves you money saves us time.  Delivery fees start at $45.00 

Balloon drop prices listed above do not include delivery, set up and rigging.
                                      Delivery, set up and rigging fees

South Jersey starting at      $150.00--(Excludes Atlantic City)
Philadelphia starting at       $295.00 
Wilmington starting at        $350.00
Atlantic City starting at       $350.00

Because of the high demand on New Years Eve we will need a minimum of a 3-4 day window to install. Also the venue must allow us to use their ladders or a fully charged lift.

Looking for a less expensive alternative ? We offer a drop and go balloon drop of 100 inflated and bagged balloons. delivered to your front door. We supply you with all accessories to hang yourself .
100 balloon drop and go $220.00 plus delivery. Since no rigging is needed on our end you also save on delivery. Call for delivery prices. 856-302-6226 

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